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Northentic products are lifestyle products produced by specially selected local designers and craftspeople in the Nordic and Baltic countries and the web-shop reflects a contemporary continuation of the long-standing traditions of design and craftsmanship in the area.

The products are Nordic, authentic and sustainable. They are quality products and offer competitive prices.  The designers are generally smaller companies, start-ups and family-owned businesses with a strong commitment to our core values: authenticity, sustainability and quality. The designers are reliable companies with a strong sense of customer service and uncompromised commercial ethics.

We are proud to present some of the Nordic brands below:


Anneli Tammik is truly is very skilled and professional jewel designer. She graduated from the Estonian Academy of Arts with a degree in jewelry and obtained a master’s degree in art history from Tallinn University.

Inspired by Estonian nature and every-day life, Anneli creates very modern and feminine jewelry for the contemporary and self-assured woman.

Anneli’s jewelry is worn by many well-known ladies including Evelin Ilves, former First Lady of Estonia, Tarja Halonen, ex-president of Finland, Queen Silvia of Sweden and other stylish and prominent ladies in North Europe.





Liisu Arro – founder of Arro Porcelain – is a ceramist and a third-generation artist in her family. Liisu finds inspiration in everyday life. She combines the common with the unique, the ferial with the magical and the conventional with the extravagant. As a result her work is unique and of high quality that matches the challenges of everyday use.

The company is committed to ecological and social responsibility. Liisu carefully designs and develops the products in her studio and produces small quantities.

Arro Porcelain tableware is produced to last through generations. The company grows it series slowly but continuously, so that it is always possible to add items to the existing series. The porcelain can be used daily and it can be washed in a dishwasher to safeguard the water resources.

Liisu Arro believes life is short, so we should make every day special with beautiful tableware and enjoy every moment, but in a responsible way, so that generations to follow can also enjoy it!


Scandinavian-Baltic owned BALTICVISION is the largest provider of Guaranteed Escorted Tours in the Baltic Sea area. The company operates yearly around 200 tours in five different languages (English, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese). The tours are escorted by mono- or bilingual guides and there are normally more nationalities represented on the tours.

The tours combine three things, which are important to modern travelers: affordable prices, first class service and plenty of individual choices.

All tours provide a combination of local culture and nature. Small groups departures offer more in-depth exploration of local traditions and lifestyle.


BONOBO was born in 2014, when globetrotter flower child and rational bohemian Kristi Kalluste began her quest for pure and natural cosmetic products. After the birth of her first child, Kristi’s skin became utterly sensitive, which sparked an interest in her to try a hand at the science of making potions with familiar, safe and soothing ingredients.

The bond with nature has always been a topic close to Kristi’s heart, and soon her path crossed with Irje Karjus, one of Estonia’s widely known herbalists. Irje passed on the ancient herbal secrets and wisdom to Kristi, which allowed her to skillfully empower Bonobo’s products with the qualities of Estonian herbs and plants.

Nowadays, Kristi is a mother of two. With love for her children and a wish to change the world for the better her bond with nature has strengthened over time, and so she keeps on embedding the herbs and natural products into the further developing the Bonobo product range.


BSURD label was born in 2013 out of love for patterns. Heidi Mänd, the founded of the accessory company, believes accessories are made for anyone who values individual style, contrast and colors.

Heidi Mänd was originally educated to be a photographer. Photo editing led her to learn graphic design and all the previous combined with love for fashion led to birth of BSURD. Her ideas are inspired by nature, special people and interesting places, sometimes by just the need for little thrill. BSURD accessories are authentic and bring color and individuality to your outfit.




In health and wellbeing, grandmothers are often the main bearers of wisdom and family tradition. With roots in the Estonian countryside, Siim Kabrits learned about the family recipe for a chaga-based elixir that his relatives have sworn to for a century.

Siim Kabrits founded Chaga Health in 2014. He was soon joined by his aunt Anu Adermann, a former otorhinolaryngologist, and together they expanded the company.

Estonia is a perfect home for chaga mushrooms. Forests take up half of the small country, 1.3 million hectares of them are certified as organic.

Chaga Health elixirs are based on chaga medicinal mushrooms and various Nordic medicinal herbs that have historically been known in folk medicine as giving extra strength to the body and supporting immunity.


After studying NASA reports about growing plants in space, the founder of CLICK & GROW, Mattias Lepp became inspired to develop the first ever indoor garden that takes care of plants automatically. After working with universities around the world to fine-tune the technology, the concept of the Click & Grow Smart Garden was born.

Smart Gardens make it possible to grow plants 365 days a year in even the busiest households. They take care of watering, light and nutrients, while we reap the benefits.

Indoor plants are proven to improve health through consumption, reduce stress, improve air quality and overall happiness.



IGLUCRAFT has won a reputation in many countries for their authentic handcrafted saunas and cabins created from natural materials.

The saunas and cabins are created by skilled craftsmen using spruce shingles on the exterior and aspen in the interior. The shape of the saunas and cabins incorporate roundness and therefore reflects the harmony of the nature.

IGLICRAFT saunas and cabins have been hundreds of years in the making combining centuries old shingling technique with modern technology.

The product comes in many different and exciting variants and these are already in use in various places for different purposes like saunas, glamping pods, summer houses, garden houses, ski cabins, offices and much more.


Inspired by the pure beauty of nature Jaanus Orgusaar creates intricate and complex furniture designs that invite the outdoors into our homes.

Skillfully combining traditional Estonian craftsmanship and innovative and sustainable practices, the creative studio champions modern Scandinavian design.

The furniture is produced from natural materials – birch plywood mainly. A great deal of attention is paid to the lavish and perfectioned design. And to leave the smallest possible shipping footprint the furniture comes flatly packed.




The name JOIK comes from the ancient singing style of nature-loving Sami people. Joik is a unique form of cultural expression, conveying emotions and describing people, animals and nature. JOIK as a brand is similar – it treasures old knowledge of using nature for our wellbeing and health and constantly evolve itself into the creation of products that combine the best natural Nordic ingredients with modern science and create positive emotions.

The brand is known for its uncompromising commitment to its core values: nature and design. The company is caring for nature and produces everything in a responsible and sustainable way. And it puts great emphasis on beautiful design. For years it has collaborated with Estonian designers and artists, which is visible both in its product design as well as in its yearly limited releases.

JOIK is divided into two brands: JOIK Organic range holds face and body care products certified by EcoCert. JOIK Home & spa range holds wide selection of scented soy wax candles, room fragrances and several natural home spa products, which are also classified as natural cosmetics and are least 97% of natural origin.


KOOSdesign’s passion is textiles and sustainable living. It is a Nordic style home textiles brand that uses traditional materials in a contemporary way, while producing as little waste as possible during the process.

KOOSdesign’s textile products are made of linen fabric. Flax fibers are valuable material – environmentally friendly and durable. Linen features are breathability, beautiful luster and strength. The linen fabric absorbs moisture well and dries quickly. The material is perfect for home textiles such as tablecloths, towels, bedspreads, pillow covers, bath linen, etc.

The company’s second favorite material is leather, which comes from furniture manufactures as leftovers. The pieces that are too small for the furniture, will be made into oven mittens, potholders, coasters and even aprons. This product line was created in the belief of reducing waste from furniture production.


KORILANE is an innovative company, that makes nutritional supplements from natural raw materials that support our health and well-being.

Beloved for generations, the medicinal alfalfa extract has helped fight bacteria and viruses. In 2016, the founders began working with various scientists to carry out the necessary research and reintroduce the alfalfa extract.
Eventually they build an environmentally friendly extract plant in the middle of the forest on the island of Saaremaa, the largest island in Estonia. Local farmers plant the seeds in the soil for the ingredients and the catch is sorted by hand to secure the high quality of all products.

All raw materials and the entire production are certified organic. The company is paying further attention to environmental impact and have introduced recyclable product boxes and biodegradable fabric bags.


Luxe Hapsal® is a slow luxe lifestyle brand celebrating the relaxed chic Nordic riviera style. Our collections are proudly designed and made in Haapsalu, Estonia, featuring sustainable and noble materials.

Behind the brand is the mother-daughter Creative Directors & Founders Duo – mother Heli Huul and daughter Maria Elisa Huul are local Hapsals. Each season from their charming Nordic Riviera resort town, they draw inspiration from the region’s atmosphere – the luminous seaside, spring’s natural swan lake performance, harmonious sunsets and relaxed flow of time.

Hapsal, now called Haapsalu, is rich in history with tales of Russian aristocrats, poets and composers all loving to visit this magical seaside resort. Peter the I, Tchaikovsky and Ernst Enno – all appreciated the poetic charm.

This background rich in culture inspires the founders to design limited edition collections featuring chic linen dresses and resortwear for an international clientele.

The designers’ collections incorporate their love for timeless aesthetics and attention to the smallest detail, coupled with high-quality craftsmanship and modern chic style.


Mithio is an Estonian brand which creates timeless knitwear for men and women. Their pure lambswool sweaters are inspired by the harsh but beautiful colors of the four seasons of Nordic nature.

Mithio knits have geometric patterns and cable knits in different colour combinations, which create a new impression in each new collection.

In addition to a pleasant practical image, our goal is to create a sustainable product that will have a meaning in the wardrobe of this wearer for many years to come.



Maria Rästa Design is a small Estonian design company that creates practical interior accessories and small furnishings that are known for their playful and fun design.

The company’s  signature style carries positive emotion and has clear lines and exciting shapes. It looks quite minimalistic and very playful at the same time.

Some Maria Rästa Design items have been acknowledged internationally and included in many Estonian design exhibitions around the world.



Mimi Disain has been designing and manufacturing comfortable and trendy children’s clothes since 2012.

Mimi’s handmade children clothes are inspired by adult fashion trends and are characterized by urban casual street style. The keywords are quality, comfort and playfulness, while offering the kid the freedom of movement and joy.

Special attention goes into sustainable and ethical production, and choosing unique materials, colours and patterns. Mimi uses mostly natural fabrics and produces small collection series to ensure uniqueness and an opportunity to stand out.


PRII is an Estonian brand that offers uniquely designed bathrobes for men. A bathrobe is a very private and important item of clothing that is worn in these most valuable moments, quality time – when you are out of everyday rush and just being yourself.

To offer the best product on the Market PRII is focused on quality, skin-friendly fabrics and comfort.

Dedication, time and the superb skills of seamstresses and cutters, have contributed to growth of PRII. And you can feel comfortable in you rope knowing that PRII does not produce its products in distant countries but employs skilled local people to sew the ropes. They love their job and receive a decent salary for each sewn bathrobe.


SORTAIDER’s beginnings lie in the need for waste sorting in offices, homes and other indoor settings. The company envisioned an ideal all-inclusive solution, made of natural material, that looks esthetic. The premium quality waste recycling bins are made of birch plywood and are easy to combine with one another as required to set up a recycling station – a Sortaider.

Sortaider’s products are created by the company designers Olavi, Johannes and Peeter, adhering to a functional and tasteful Nordic style. The products function rather as elements that are integrated in the interior design.  Sortaider design can be recognized by its characteristic features that pop out visually at first glance.

A recycling station features three to five bins with waste types indicated by pictograms on the front panel and sorting instructions under the lid. The bins have wheels for easy moving and a functional drawer for storage on the back. They are delivered disassembled to reduce CO2 impact of shipping.


Life is not always like a movie. But with Seasoned Traveler, it sometimes can be. The founder and the designer of ST Parka, Jaanus Vahtra, has been a costume designer for endless movies.

The idea for the coats came from filming in the rough weather of the Nordic countries which is far from a Hollywood glam. When watching dozens of takes while standing still and keeping quiet, you can feel the cold creeping in. Jaanus wanted to create a coat which that was both functional and elegant. A coat for every occasion, from forest trails to the streets of a metropolis. Seasoned Traveler is an “all in one” piece in many ways. You can wear it around the year in almost all sort of weathers and climates

Seasoned Traveler is made in Estonia, in a small resort town called Haapsalu. The fabrics come from Italy, Switzerland, Germany, and Japan. Jaanus believes that everyone involved at every step of the supply chain should get a fair pay for what they do. That is why Seasoned Traveler costs what it does.


Stella Soomlais runs a leather studio in a sustainable and innovative way making bags and accessories for over 10 years now.

A bag made by Stella is never empty. It is filled with care, love and strong values: attentive crafting and visionary design. It is an ode to past and lessons learned combined with future and open to possibilities.

Stella has a great respect for the materials she uses. Their designs are crafted to minimize the cutting leftovers. The larger ones are used for creating smaller purses, wristbands and keychains etc. So far they have managed to reduce the leftovers to only 2-4%. The goal is to reach zero waste in the next few years.


The main activity of the wood products company E. Strauss is the production of various chipboard products and wooden household utensils. The company was founded in 1994 and is one of the oldest of its kind in Estonia. It is a family business, which has grown out of a former folklore group, and the company is taking its name from the founding family.

E. Strauss’ product range includes over 700 names of wood products: sauna accessories, baskets, household items. Versatility and flexibility are some of the company’s strengths: E. Strauss is able to produce, for example, a large circulation for companies, but at the same time also fulfil the special orders of private customers.

The biggest asset is the mastery of basket making techniques. In addition to baskets, the company also specialises in sauna sticks, boxes, trays, spoons and bowls and even make chipboard cabinets or lamp domes. Products painted by E. Strauss have become a valued commodity in their own right. Pictures can be painted on practically anything: a basket, a basket or a bowl.


Artonella produces high quality design bed linen for the whole family under the brand name Uneleja (dreamer). The patterns are Scandinavian style and the fabric is high quality cotton sateen.

The designs come from Danish, Finnish and Estonian designers, while the fabric comes from Italy and Germany. All the products are certified that they are without any harmful chemical substances and totally safe for the smallest babies.

The products are special, because it is possible for parents to buy the bed linen sets from the same collection for themselves and for the baby and to have a harmonized bedroom.



Uue-Saaluse is a small boutique winery in Southern Estonia. The small family winery started in 2016 and produces craft fruit and berry wines from local raw material – berries and fruits that are organically grown in South Estonia.

The wines come with clean and rich taste, also they have well-balanced acidity and fruitiness.

Testing and exploring the new tastes is the biggest passion of Uue-Saaluse wine makers.

The annual production of their winery is 6000 liters and the batches are quite small – from 800-1200 bottles.



Uncle Paul is an Estonian company that aims to enrich the shoe selection in the Nordic shoe market and to bring a slightly different shoe culture to our streets, with more colors and style. Undoubtedly, there is a desire to break the myth that the shoe must be black or grey and the design is rather secondary.

Uncle Paul’s product range offers comfortable and reasonably priced shoes for the more demanding consumer.

Uncle Paul shoes are designed in Estonia. There are no concessions on the material of the shoes – all shoes produced by Uncle Paul are made of leather. In addition to well-kept full and patent leather, there is also a rising trend – well-breathable and comfortably soft suede. Be it patent, suede or full grain leather, customers can always rely on the high quality of the shoe material.


Vihula Manor Lifestyle collections have been inspired by the historical and romantic aura of Vihula Manor; a charming 16th century estate located in the Lahemaa National Park at North Coast of Estonia, as well as by the picturesque and unique nature of Lahemaa National Park.

As the large estate itself over the last decade has been meticulously restored to its former beauty and glory a young and creative team has developed the lifestyle brand to celebrate the core values of Vihula Manor.

The collections of Vihula Manor Lifestyle include various authentic and eco-friendly gourmet, wellness and design products and curated gift boxes for any occasion. Carefully selected products from organic raw materials are developed in cooperation with local small farmers, producers and craftsmen as a continuation of the long-standing traditions of the historical Vihula Manor. Contemporary Nordic and Baltic design are applied to the products and to the stylish packing of the products.


The story of Woodmoon wood jewelry began in 2017 when the founder of the company Erle Allas discovered the endless pattern magic of rosewood and ebony – the two types of wood they use for creating their unique jewellery.

All wooden details are handmade, so each piece of jewellery is unique and slightly different. Every pattern on Woodmoon jewelry has been carefully selected to give the jewellery its uniqueness and personality.

Woodmoon consciously chooses their raw materials and environmentally friendly production methods to create a sustainable and environment-friendly jewellery line.



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